Welcome to Spicy Kudzu

Hi there and welcome to our site.  Here at Spicy Kudzu I specialize in luxury, handcrafted products for your bath and body.  I was tired of all the chemicals and detergents I was finding in most of the commercially available products and set out to create my own line of amazing bath products without all of the dangerous chemicals.  Does this mean chemical-free?  Of course not!  Chemical does not necessarily equal bad.  For example, salt, which I use in a myriad of products, is totally safe for the body, yet it is sodium chloride, a chemical.  Instead I am careful to stay away from harsh detergents, endocrine disruptors, and the nasty chemicals typically found in commercial products.  If I won't put it on mine or my family's skin you won't find it in my products.

So welcome to Spicy Kudzu!  I am so happy to have you here.